Monday, 3 March 2014

Iron Scourge rises

Since the focus of my distro has mainly been, and most probably will continue to be, Black/Death/Doom... Metal, I decided to rename it to Iron Scourge, which is in my eyes a more fitting name. Gutter Disease, however, will continue to exist as a vehicle under which I will release, most probably infrequently as has been the case up to now, Harsh Noise/Power Electronics/Noisecore... releases, mostly in tape format. You can find the blogspot for this here:
As said, Black/Death/Doom... Metal will be the main focus, but as can be seen, there are also releases in a variety of other genres that I'm distributing, this includes Harsh Noise, Power Electronics, Death Industrial, Grindcore, Noisecore... Of course, at the moment all of this is stuff that was available under Gutter Disease already, however more releases of these genres will come in if I feel the need to.