Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

New arrivals May 2018

Freak Animal
V/A - Beyond CD €10

Europa Erwache Productions
Musta Enemmist√∂ - Valvokaamme CD €10

Lunar Apparitions
Cantos De Muerte - Las Voces Perdidas CD €10
Krolok - At the End of a New Age CD €9

Adversarius - Die with your Prophet tape €3
Fenris - ...En Doodenakkers tot den Horizon tape €3
Heretic - Angelcunts and Devilcocks tape €3
Ibex Angel Order - I tape €3
Inquisitor - Stigmata Me, I'm in Misery tape €3
Mortifer - The Rise of the Archaic Bloodcult tape €3
Predictor - Pact of Hell tape €3

Feuer Publications
Emanating Void tape €6

Sammas' Equinox - Pilgrimage tape €5

Saturday, 14 April 2018

2 new Gutter Disease tapes out now!

GD13: Master & Servant - Victory Through Violence
Master & Servant is a Dutch project making atmospheric and almost cinematic Industrial Noise. The unsettling atmosphere is reached by the often structured noise on the one hand and well placed samples and ambient background sounds on the other hand. C40
Listen to sample track here.

GD14: Citalopram Shunyata/Cremation Gospel
Citalopram Shunyata presents dark, rumbling and crude Noise dedicated to 70ies pornography and BDSM. Cremation Gospel presents a lo-fi recording, somewhere between structured Noise and loose PE, dedicated to our saviour. C25
Listen to Citalopram Shunyata sample track here.
Listen to Cremation Gospel sample track here.

Oppressive Melancholy - Ascend to Nothingness out now!

IS07: Oppressive Melancholy - Ascend to Nothingness tape is out now.
On its third release Oppressive Melancholy still plays its by now recognizable sound, mixing harsh sounding Black Metal with atypical leads and electronics. At times melancholic, the overall atmosphere is otherworldly. Limited to 100 copies.
Listen to the full release here.

Monday, 2 April 2018

New arrivals April 2018

Iron Scourge
Oppressive Melancholy - Ascend to Nothingness tape €5

Gutter Disease
Citalopram Shunyata/Cremation Gospel tape €4
Master & Servant - Victory Through Violence tape €4

Frost and Fire
Dreadful Relic - Hyborian Sorcery CD €9

Saturday, 3 March 2018

New arrivals March 2018

Staalwaart Records
V/A - Sex Noise CD €10

Serpent Eve Records
Mytrip - Filament tape €5

Slithering Decay - demo 2018 tape €5

Thursday, 8 February 2018

New arrivals February 2018

Wotansblut Records
Forlorn Winds - Murmurs with the Decapitated tape €6
Nordwind - Thy Will Be Done tape €6

Bestial Burst
Subhumannihilation tape €5
Hail Conjurer - Dreams of Serpent CD €10

Fall of Nature
Augure Concret - An Act of Desperation tape €6
Kadaver - Hypothermiasma tape €6
N. - Hospital Murders tape €6
Subklinik - Monotheistic Entrance Of Seclusion tape €6
Vitriol Gauge - Gone Septic tape €6
Various Artists - Punishment & Excruciation CD €10
Hellvetron logo patch €5

Fudgeworthy Records
GG Allin and Bulge - Legalize Murder 7" €5
Violation Wound/Ruin 7" €5

Tyrant's Kall - The Machine Droning Vibrant CD €12

Treze Listras
Grizzly Fetish - Demo MMXVI CDr €6
Humanicidal Blasphemoterror - Ritualistic Abortion Cleansing of all Life CDr €6
Die Human Race - Fire of Darkness War Baphomet CD €11

Furor Volturno - Regionalismo Coercitivo CD €11
Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle - Sobre as Cinzas do Fracasso Alheio CD €11
Zurzir - Sangue, Gloria e Raca CD €11

Freak Animal
BizarreSSmania - II CD €10
Grunt - Castrate the Illusionist CD €10

Kampf Records
Necrostuprum - Voids of Belial tape €5
Offence - R.A.W. tape €5
Persecutory - Perversion Feeds Our Force tape €5