Tuesday, 23 May 2017

CBA & Iron Scourge buttons

3cm buttons of CBA and Iron Scourge are now available.
CBA buttons are available for €1 or to be thrown in the package with a CD order.

Iron Scourge buttons are available upon request or might be thrown in with big orders or orders of regular customers.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

New arrivals May 2017

Bizarre Uproar - Sikiöasento 2CD €15
Bizarre Uproar - skull with machete patch €4

Bestial Burst
Goatmoon - Son of the Northwind 7" €7
Chaos Cascade - Grotesque Inflictions of Infernal Agony CD €10
Death Nöize - Fullmoon Fury Ritual CD €10
Orthank CD €10

Darkness Attack Records
Black Witchery - Live Desecration 2012 tape €7.50
Goatchrist - Death Prayer tape €7.50

Division Black Metal
Dämonenblut - Das Tor zur Hölle LP €16

New Era Productions
Intolitarian - Berserker Savagery CD €11

Absurd Exposition
Griefer - Egress Report tape €6
Moisture Discipline - Snake Drilling tape €6

Northern Heritage/Freak Animal/Lolita Slavinder/Sakaramiina
Caverne - Aux Frontières du Monde LP €15
Clandestine Blaze - City Of Slaughter LP €15
Vapaudenristi/Ce Jour Viendra - Vapaussota 18/Fer De Lance 10" €12
Clandestine Blaze - City Of Slaughter CD €10
Creamface - Scared, Wet and Ready CD €10
Edge of Decay - Kiihko tape €6

Behold Barbarity
West Wall - On My Shield tape €6

Iron Scourge
CBA button €1

Nihilistic Holocaust
Atavisma - Where Wolves Once Dwelled tape €5
Relication - Utterly Disconnected tape €5

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Trepanation - Grand Maw re-release

IS02: Trepanation - Grand Maw tape re-release is out now!
After a demo tape and splits with Sabbatic Goat and Spiteful Urinator, Trepanation released a tape only limited to 50 copies in April 2016. On this tape the band showed another face. While on previous releases the band was known for a punishing Black/Death/Grind hybrid, here the A side consist of an ominous Doom/Death track, on the B side the band does two tracks that are influenced by old school industrial (refer to SPK, Throbbing Gristle..., not the beat-driven stuff), though still performed with vocals, bass, guitar and drums. Again, there's an ominous vibe to these tracks, while also invoking an outlandish ritual/tribal atmosphere. This tape shows that the band can pull off much more than what they have been doing in former releases and thus it seemed only logical to re-release this tape. Whether or not the styles executed on this tape will be found in further Trepanation releases is to be seen. Limited to 100 copies.

Listen to the release here.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

New Gutter Disease Release

GD09: Maskhead - Anonymous Sadism tape is out now!
Does the world needs more perverted Finnish Harsh Noise? Of course it does! Maskhead returns with a C20, this time more minimalistic and pedal based, spiced with some samples and a nice cover picture.

Listen to sample

Sunday, 9 April 2017

New arrivals April 2017

Pagan War Rex
Drunemeton - Fullmoon Asbath CD €8
Goatpenis/Kurgaall - Satanic Terror Weapons CD €8

Babylon Doom Cult Records
Alkerdeel - De Speenzalvinge DLP €20

Worship Tapes
Entartung - Peccata Mortalia tape €5

Gutter Disease
Maskhead - Anonymous Sadism tape €5

Iron Scourge
Trepanation - Grand Maw tape €5

Unrest Productions
Kontinent - Stasis tape €6

WTC Productions
Entartung - Baptised into the Faith of Lust CD €10

Friday, 24 March 2017

New Gutter Disease release

GD10: Siege Electronics - New Resistance tape is now out!
Siege Electronics is a Scottish one man operation delivering Heavy Electronics. The project is only a couple years old, but has a prolific output, a lot of releases haven't been released in physical format though. Of the physical format, the tapes done by Vanguard Productions and Black Ring Rituals are the most notable. Thematically Siege Electronics deals with topics like f.e. nationalism and anti-imperialism on a global scale. While this is a lengthy release (over 70 min.) the use of samples, calmer as well as more intense parts, sparse vocals and the overal quality of the music keeps this release interesting.

Listen to Siege Electronics - Thought Criminal 2015.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

New arrivals March 2017

Antipatik Records
Graustich/Coma Detox/Whiteswan/Edge Of Decay - Stay Yourself Whatever The Cost tape €6
Umpio/Creation Through Destruction tape €6
Disgusting Sanctum - Skeletal Evidence For Dismemberment 7" €9

Sword Productions
Reidh - Children of Northern Sun tape €5

Lost Empires Records
Totenrune/Insurgence tape €8.50

Unrest Productions
Cauldhame - Saturnine tape €6

Vanguard Productions
The Shadow Order - Untold tape €6

New Era Productions
Gevlerkt - Vermolmd tape €6

Gutter Disease
Siege Electronics - New Resistance tape €5

Cacasonica/Cum Sock/Gothic Sucks/Hades Mining Co./Harsh Supplement/VRV - 6 Ways To Die CD €7

Sepulchral Productions
Délétère - De Ritibus Morbiferis – Demo Compendium CD €10
Délétère - Les Heures de la Peste CD €10
Délétère - Per Aspera Ad Pestilentia MCD €8