Monday, 12 November 2018

New arrivals November 2018

Phosgen Records
Chaos Cascade - Of Bedlam and Barbarism CD €11

Wednesday, 31 October 2018


While generally not taking much more in stock than goes out, it's no surprise that the amount of releases in stock has grown. To make place and raise extra funds for upcoming releases, Iron Scourge is doing a sale. Starting now and ending when necessary.
Everything is 15% off, except for the titles which arrived in October, those that will arrive in November and second hand items. Orders over €25 are 20% off.

Monday, 1 October 2018

New arrivals October 2018

MMP Temple
Monaðblot CD €10

Infection Distro
Goat Felch/Satanik Goat Ritual 7" €7

Equitant - The Circle of Agurak CD €11
Proscriptor - The Venus Bellona CD €11

Tour De Garde
Ærekær - MMXVII tape €7
Archaism - Triumphant Flames of Hatred tape €7
Sale Freux/Sanctuaire - Freux-fuyant/Traverser les tempêtes 10" €15
Verval - Wederkeer CD €10

Freak Animal
Contortus - Your Weakness Feeds My Cruelty CD €10

Friday, 31 August 2018

New arrivals September 2018

Waelcyrge - Nithstang CD €9 RESTOCK

Theudho - De Roep van het Woud CD €10
Theudho - Treachery tape €6
Theudho - The Völsunga Saga tape €6
Theudho - Cult of Wuotan tape €6
Theudho - When Ice crowns the Earth tape €6
Theudho - De roep van het woud tape €5

Antipodean Darkness
Decimation Hammer - Nuclear Dawn tape €6

Werewolf Promotion
Standvast - Afkomst CD €7
Standvast/Volc Vermaledide/Helleruin - Triad CD €7

Out of the Dungeon
Lamentation - Grabens Symphonie 2CD €15

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

New arrivals August 2018

Antipatik Records
Caligula031 - Sexodrome 7" €9
Disgusting Sanctum - Skeletal Evidence for Dismemberment 7" €9 RESTOCK

Into the Tomb #2 zine €5

Deströyer 666 - Phoenix Rising CD €11
Revenge - Behold Total Rejection CD €11

Tour De Garde
V/A - Korpsånd CD €11
Hylster - Hylster tape €5
Inferno Requiem - Nüwa tape €6
Inferno Requiem - Moon tape €6
Pénombre - Méphistophélès (ou le Diable sur terre) tape €6

Au milieu des ruines #2 zine €4

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Bütcher logo patch out now

In collaboration with this great local Speed Metal band and in paying tribute to the Old School Metal spirit, Iron Scourge has co-released a shaped Bütcher logo patch with the band. Limited to 100, 10x7 cm, €4.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Chthonic Nexus zine out now

32 A5 pages, greyscale with full color cover, 200 copies. Interviews with Vapaudenristi, Aedh, Pox, Reptile Womb, Contortus, Vaal/Ravenzang, Charity Saints. Mostly dealing with the ideas, lyrics and motivation of the bands.

€4 + shipping.
Wholesale and trade available.

Aside from Iron Scourge, this is already available from New Era Productions and Northern Heritage. Breath of Pestilence will have copies soon. More distributors should be announced soon.