Sunday, 11 September 2022

Iron Scourge sale until september 30

Due to upcoming changes in the way the distro will work, Iron Scourge is doing a sale:
- 40% off on everything, except 2nd hand items
- Shipping is not included, shipping costs are what they are
- Until september 30, 2022
- Send orders to gospelofashes at gmail dot com

Tuesday, 26 July 2022

New arrivals July 2022

Desolation Galaxies Records
Sodomy From Beyond - Hatred Scheme tape €7
Steel Hook Prostheses - Wounds Bathed in Piss Water tape €7
Cervical Smear - Desu Fairu/Atrocidades & Puerile Bodies Torn Open CD €12

Thursday, 30 June 2022

New arrivals June 2022

Modern Decadence
Penetration Squadron - Bare & Raw tape €7
Sodomy From Beyond/Ethical Killer tape €7

Putrid Cult
Hexifixion - Hexifixion CD €9

Spruce Bog
Disgraced Knight - True Valor tape €7
Disgraced Knight - For Bastards tape €7
Furuvgerendufuroval - Behesadomatica tape €7
Grim Yard - Demo Compilation tape €7
Psychic tape €7
Shitangel - Demo XXX tape €7
Spruce Recluse tape €7
Wyrd - The Demos Collection double tape + woven patch €12

Monday, 9 May 2022

New arrivals May 2022

Nekrogoat Heresy Productions
Baal - Epitaphion CD €10

New Approach Records
Metadevice - Turba CD €10

Suspicious Activity
Hate Sermon - Duality of Man CDr €9

Sunday, 17 April 2022

New arrivals April 2022

Breath of Pestilence
Thule del Sur - Four Meditations Under the Polar Star CD €12
Vrildom - Sigma Octantis CD €12

Thursday, 10 March 2022

C.B.A. - Alpine Resistance out now!

Iron Scourge is proud to present the release of the third C.B.A. album Alpine Resistance on CD and tape. The CD is co-released with Bestial Burst.

C.B.A. - Alpine Resistance CD €13
C.B.A. - Alpine Resistance tape €7 - blue and red tape shells available

Strike THREE – you’re out!
Liechtenstein’s most notorious duo C.B.A. is back on the front.
On their third album “ALPINE RESISTANCE”, Владимир Поотанг and Kim Jong-qunt kick their trademark blend of rabid oldschool death metal and vicious hatepunk to the next level. Intensified, insensitive and heavier than ever before, “ALPINE RESISTANCE” delivers a 12-track race along the ruins of society.
It’s catchy and mean as fuck, oozing with hostility towards this so-called “modern world” and everything it stands for.

The band also has t-shirts and patches available. So for those who want to those, go here:

New arrivals March 2022

Iron Scourge
C.B.A. - Alpine Resistance CD €13
C.B.A. - Alpine Resistance tape €7