Wednesday, 16 June 2021

New arrivals June 2021

New Era Productions
Vihameditaatio - Kuoleman Silmän Kontinuumi tape €7

Iron Scourge
Vihameditaatio - Ilmestyksiä Ajan Lopulta tape €7

Saturday, 12 June 2021

New Iron Scourge release: Vihameditaatio - Ilmestyksiä Ajan Lopulta

IS10 is out now.

Vihameditaatio - Ilmestyksiä Ajan Lopulta tape
Return of the apocalypse wasteland mentality. Vihameditaatio presents 6 tracks about eschatological mirages and afterlife synesthesia. Psychedelia and aggression meld into a nearly 30 min Black Metal trip. Iron Scourge

Sunday, 23 May 2021

New arrivals May 2021

Werewolf Promotion
Elitism - Requiem pour une Race mourante CD €11
Likvann/Granraude CD €9
Likvann - Bumerke CD €11
Morok - Carpathian Fullmoon Ritual CD €9
Standvast - Oersymboliek CD €11

Agni’s Embers
Blood Storm - The Atlantean Wardragon CD €10

Northern Heritage
Clandestine Blaze - Secrets of Lacerations CD €12
Diaboli - Awakening of Nordic Storm CD €12

At War With False Noise
Infektionsabteilung - Hier ist kein Trost CD €11

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

New Gutter Disease releases

Gutter Disease presents two new tape releases, both available for €6:

Hate Sermon - Steel Fortress
30 minutes of Industrial Power Electronics and metal junk abuse, featuring aggressive and more atmospheric tracks, on double A side tapes. Gutter Disease
Hate Sermon track

Kadaver/Sodomy From Beyond - Double Negative
22 minute split between long running act Kadaver and rather new act Sodomy From Beyond, which is known from releases on Nil By Mouth, Obsessive Fundamental Realism, Modern Decadence… Harsh, negative, aggressive Power Electronics. Gutter Disease
Kadaver video from one of the tracks
Sodomy From Beyond track

New arrivals April 2021

Gutter Disease
Hate Sermon - Steel Fortress tape €6
Kadaver/Sodomy From Beyond - Double Negative tape €6

Frost and Fire
Black Crucifixion - The Fallen One of Flames CD €8
Perdition Hearse - Mala Fide CD €10

Breath of Pestilence
Dysangelium 2CD €15
Sammas’ Equinox - Tulikehrät CD €10

Friday, 5 March 2021

New Iron Scourge release

New Era Productions and Iron Scourge co-release the first album of Helleruin.

After a demo and a split with Standvast and Volc Vermaledide, this Dutch one man Black Metal band releases its first full-length. Well-crafted songs invoke feelings of both melancholy and triumph without forgetting the necessary aggression. New Era Productions/Iron Scourge

New arrivals March 2021

Iron Scourge
Helleruin - War Upon Man CD €11

Obsessive Fundamental Realism
Will over Matter – Sähköinen Esoteria – Tribulations 17 to 20 CD €12